“Always there, always a friendly voice to help us out.  Thanks for guiding us along the slippery slope of first-time home buying.  Fraught with anxiety and stupid questions, we’ve appreciated your honest and candid advice.  Thanks most of all for making it a good experience.”

Anthony and Dean


“We just wanted to let you know that we appreciated your attention to detail. Your assistance made the process very tolerable - if not actually enjoyable.  Although we are new to the area, you are sure to be on our list of recommended experts.”

Kevin and David


“Thank you so much for being patient.  You hung in there and found the perfect place for me and my dog.  I’m glad we met; you did such a great job!  I’m really excited and have already started looking for new furniture and appliances for my new home.”



“We were so thrilled that everything went so smoothly and it was really thanks to your extra efforts to see the sale through.  You are terrific.”

Darlene and Ibrahim


“Thank you so very much for all you did to find the house for us, and for helping us write the winning offer!  Stop by and visit sometime!”



“Just wanted to thank you for the great job of selling our condo.  Thanks so much for everything.”



“...None of this would have been possible without all the extra money I made from the sale of my two-unit building. Let’s face it, I never thought it would sell for that amount over asking price. And as I had nothing to do with it, then logic tells me it must have you who did the superb job of selling.  And what a job you did! When we first met, I told you I was physically unable to do much of anything and that you would be responsible for every part of the sale. You were that, and more! Although, I wouldn’t tell anybody about the part about mowing the lawn; you wouldn’t want it to get around that you provide THAT good of service!

You were wonderful!  I will try to refer lots of buyers and sellers your way.

Don’t be a stranger.  Thanks again for everything!”

Sue L.

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