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When I market your property, you benefit by receiving my customized approach, tailored just for you and your property.

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Preparing Your Home

•    I`ll assist you in effectively preparing your home so your property makes an important first impression to potential buyers and real estate agents.

•    Attention to both the exterior and interior appearance of your home is proven to reduce market time and secure the best price.

•    Presentation is a key component in marketing your home.


Advertising and Marketing Information

•    Bennion Deville Homes maintains the most extensive newspaper advertising program thoughout the area.

•    Millions of potential homebuyers see our ads each week.

•    Custom-prepared, detailed information on your home complements the marketing process.•


Social Media Presence

•    Facebook

•    Instagram

•    LinkedIn


Listing Syndication

•    Receiving numerous inquiries each month, our website program is an effective marketing tool to attract potential buyers.

•    Our professionally syndicated website allows buyers to learn about properties they may not otherwise be exposed to.

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Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

•    I cooperate and network with all members of the local multiple listing associations to improve your market position.

•    Your property is marketed to licensed real estate agents with all local real estate brokerages.


Pricing Your Property

In order to get the highest return for your home in the least amount of time, determining the correct price is the most critical step you can take in preparing your home for sale.


Pricing Strategy

•    Pricing strategy depends on the market conditions at the time your home is put up for sale.
•    A realistically-priced home often sells quickly once it’s put on the market.
•    When your home is priced right from the outset, you maximize your opportunity to reach the most qualified buyers.

Market Activity and Time

•    A home receives its best exposure during the first three to five weeks on the market.
•    Multiple listing service statistics show that the longer a home is on the market, the lower the final selling price.

Targeting the Right Buyer

•    When your price is too low, you could lose thousands of dollars on one of your largest investments.
•    Overpricing a property is risky; qualified buyers who might find the home appealing will not see your home because it’s out of their price range.
•    Agents may hesitate to show an overpriced home.
•    My job is to know the market, its value, and the best time to launch your home based on your needs. I work in and with the current real estate market conditions.


You Only Get One Chance To Make A First Impression

Taking the time to prepare your home, maximizes its appeal and provides an “edge” when marketing to buyers  This results in a shorter marketing time and assures the highest return possible.


Before Presenting Your Home to Buyers

Go through our Marketing Preparation Guide in the next section to prepare your home for sale.

Before Buyers and Agents Come to Your Home

•    Turn on all inside lights, even during the day.
•    At night, turn on outside lights.
•    Turn on soft music.
•    Keep room temperatures around 78 degrees.
•    Keep pets in a separate area or remove from premises (this is highly recommended.
•    Remove litter boxes.  Odors are a big deal to buyers.  Remember, just because you can`t smell it, doesn`t mean a buyer can`t.
•    Put money and other valuables away and out of sight.  While we do our best, we cannot watch all visitors at all times.
•    Open all draperies and shades.
•    Open all doors inside the home, except closets.

When an Agent Shows Your Home

•    A buyer will likely spend more time previewing your home if you are not in the home.
•    If you can’t leave home, group children around the television with the volume on low or have them play in a specially designated area.

•    Don’t precede or follow the buyer through your home.  Let them look around.

•    Let us show and sell your home, discuss upgrades and amenities, and present your home professionally.


Marketing Preparation Guide

A clean home in good repair sells much more readily than one in poor condition. Use this guide to help you identify areas of your home that may need improvement. Look at your home as if you were considering buying it as your new home.


•    Lawn
•    Hedges & Shrubs
•    Flower Beds
•    Fences & Gates
•    Gravel
•    Walks & Driveways
•    Home Exterior
•    Paint
•    Trim Paint
•    Porches, Decks, Railings
•    Patios
•    Brickwork
•    Siding
•    Roof
•    Pick Up Clutter

Entry, Living Room, Dining Room, Family Room

•    Traffic Patterns - Consider traffic flow.  Remove trip hazards.
•    Furniture Arrangement
•    Window Coverings
•    Fireplace
•    Floors/Carpet
•    Walls & Ceilings


•    Countertops
•    Cabinets—exterior
•    Cabinets—interior
•    Appliances
•    Faucets
•    Sinks
•    Floor
•    Walls & Ceiling


•    Tub
•    Shower Enclosure
•    Tile & Grout
•    Sinks & Counters
•    Toilet
•    Faucets
•    Floor
•    Walls & Ceiling


•    Traffic Patterns - Trip hazards and traffic flow.
•    Furniture Arrangement (Less is Best)
•    Open Window Coverings
•    Organized Closets
•    Floor/Carpet
•    Walls & Ceiling
•    Storage Areas
•    Finished Areas


•    Tile
•    Interior - condition of plaster or pool finish.  Plaster can be acid washed.
•    Pumps/Salt Cells/Filters/Electronic Controls



•    Door
•    Storage


•    Doors
•    Windows
•    Window Frames
•    Lights

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